Adam Glasser (Seymore Butts)

Adam Glasser (Seymore Butts)

A Santa Monica High School graduate, Adam ran a gym and worked as a personal trainer. When he decided to rent out the space for Hollywood film shoots in order to make some extra money, an adult film producer was one of the takers. Adam asked to stay and watch. In 1991, Seymore Butts was born.

In 1993, he was arrested for the first time, charged with multiple counts of pandering and conspiracy to commit prostitution, while attending a free speech fundraiser at an adult bookstore in Nevada. All charges were eventually dropped.

In 2000-01, the state of California charged him with multiple counts of distributing and pandering obscenity. It was the first obscenity charge filed in California in nearly a decade. His mother, Lila, was also charged. He fought the charges rather than plea bargain because of his staunch belief in free speech and that neither he, nor any of the consenting adults involved, did anything ‘wrong’. Obscenity charges were eventually dropped. He was subsequently elected to the board of directors of the Free Speech Coalition, serving from 2004-2006.

Adam has more than 150 films to his credit and is known as one of the first creators of gonzo-style filming.

Glasser’s “Family Business” is truly that. His mother, Lila and his cousin, Stevie are integral parts of the business structure. Together with his young son, Brady, they were featured in the Showtime series “Family Business”, which aired for four seasons.

In 2009, Adam’s book, “Rock Her World” was published by Gotham Books. It is described as a sex guide for the modern man.

Most recently, Adam and his family have reunited on a new series called, “Gold Show”, currently in production in California.